August 09, 2019

Technology tools that create productivity for energy brokerages

Increasing your sales and back-office team’s overall productivity leverages each individual's value in the organization. It also ensures that effort is not wasted. Productive individuals end up earning more and tend to feel more satisfied in their current jobs — which leads to higher retention and an easier path on the recruitment side when you're looking to bring on new agents or support staff for your energy brokerage.

When searching for the most productive technology tools for streamlining your energy brokerage, it’s important to make sure that each tool helps improve the efficiency of the organization and is well designed specifically for the end-user.

1. CRM

In our last blog post, we talked about how the CRM eliminates the most common pitfalls energy brokers deal with. But let’s face it, many “Big Box CRM’s” are not easy to use. They are not easy to customize out of the box and can be very expensive when it comes to hiring a consulting develop shop to customize it to fit.

  • When searching for a CRM provider, you want to make sure it’s their core business and their not a consulting develop shop. The time will come when you need technical support, consulting develop shops will end up charging additional for support.
  • When it comes to functionality focus on a CRM that’s industry-specific.
  • That it eliminates redundant data entry.

2. Communication Tool

When employees need to communicate with one another, or when managers need to communicate with direct reports, messaging allows instant communication to take place with only a few key strokes. Some of the benefits are:

  • Effective communication helps to build the team.
  • Business communication boosts employee morale.
  • Business communication increases overall customer satisfaction
  • Business communication improves productivity

3. Pricing Tool

One of the most time-consuming tasks for many energy brokers or pricing teams is requesting and obtaining up-to-date pricing from suppliers. If you have more than 5 suppliers, you’re losing valuable selling-time to this task. That’s why you should look for a technology that does it for you within one request.

  • Look for a solution that alleviates tedious data entry and lengthy spreadsheet lookups.
  • Instant access to pricing from all your suppliers, so you can spend your time selling the energy, not consistently updating rates.
  • It should have the ability to automatically submit requests for custom pricing to suppliers of your choice.

4. Proposals and Contracts Automation Tool

This is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on the client but it allows them to know what to expect from your energy brokerage.

  • Provides instant pricing analysis
  • Ability to add term sheet.
  • Suppliers’ marketing info.
  • Summary of your energy brokerage and services.
  • Any legal disclaimers.
  • Store a library of suppliers’ contracts by state, or automatically request contracts with specially negotiated terms from suppliers.

Looking for all features within a single platform?

BrokerX is an innovative cloud platform that allows energy brokers to streamline their business by giving them the ability to manage the entire customer lifecycle while simplifying back-office operations. It eliminates redundant tasks, while providing tools for easy collaboration and communication, while shortening the sales cycle.


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