Product: Pricing Engine

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Smart Pricing Engine

Save time and avoid redundant data entry. Simply select your product, options, terms, and suppliers then click the "Request Pricing" button and BrokerX will get to work for you!

Quickly price with matrixes

BrokerX saves you from juggling between multiple spreadsheets by automatically returning matrix pricing from the selected suppliers.

BrokerX: multi-supplier matrix pricing

Request custom pricing quotes

BrokerX automates requesting custom pricing from multiple suppliers by sending email on your behalf to your supplier contacts. Emails to suppliers include everything they need to get back to you with timely quotes, including all customer information, requested products and start date, and the attached spreadsheet with account numbers.

No need to log into multiple portals and type the same information over and over. BrokerX can automatically retrieve pricing quotes from suppliers that have portals or allow API access.

BrokerX: multi-supplier custom pricing

Direct and Indirect Pricing

Use your own supplier network or price through BrokerX suppliers to expand your footprint into new territories and find the best option for your clients.

BrokerX: direct and indirect pricing

Analyze pricing quotes

View pricing results from all suppliers in one screen, compare contract terms, and select the best option for your clients. Mix and match pricing quotes from multiple suppliers into professional proposal presentations and help your customers make the right choice for their energy needs.

BrokerX: analyze and present multi-supplier pricing quotes