Product: Complete CRM

Complete CRM | Pricing Engine | Proposals & Contracts

Fully-featured CRM System

A fully-featured CRM system is the heart of the platform streamlining essential activities of an energy brokerage business.

Manage your sales pipeline

BrokerX enables your to visually manage your sales process, from the first contact to the won contract. View your deals in the Kanban view or as a list, define your own views and filters, tag your deals and leads, distribute leads to your team members, and track follow-up activities.

Capture all customer information including account numbers, service addresses, and historic usage. Attach files and keep all deal-related information organized in the same place.

Analyze lost reasons on your opportunities to improve your sales effectiveness.

Get the full history of activities attached to any customer: conversation logs, notes, deals, contracts, proposals, bills, etc.

BrokerX: Complete CRM with deals pipeline, contacts, activities, notifications, and calendar.

Communicate effectively

Keep your peers in the loop by adding them as "followers" on any lead, deal, or proposal. Use the integrated chat with customizable channels and private messaging to quickly exchange important notes, share news, or ask questions between your team members.

Receive notifications about activities that are due soon, new messages related to the deals you are working on, or when someone posts to your chat channels or makes changes to the deals you are following.

BrokerX: Built-in team chat with channels and private messaging

Organize your work

Plan next actions and schedule your daily work around the hottest opportunities. Receive automatic reminders about scheduled calls, emails or meetings.

Schedule meetings with the integrated calendar that can be sync'ed with mobile phones and Google calendar.

BrokerX: plan activites, get reminders, and keep track of entire deal lifecycle