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Features Overview

BrokerX platform is designed from the ground up to deliver a comprehensive set of features for running an energy brokerage business. The cloud-based platform delivers functionality on every segment of the sales process, automating and streamlining back-office functions and allowing energy brokers to focus on delivering value to commercial and residential customers.

Full CRM System

BrokerX platform includes a fully-featured CRM system for managing sales cycle with intuitive and modern tools. You can manage leads assignments, upload and store supporting documents and add tags and scores to leads, deals, and contacts.

Schedule calls or in-person meetings and track follow up activities performed by your sales teams. BrokerX intuitive pipeline views simplify deal updates, so your team can collaborate and act on the most up-to-date information.

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The platform includes the Team Chat functionality, where you can create public or private chat channels for real-time discussions about leads, deals, or pricing. You will receive instant notifications about leads, deals, pricing updates, or upcoming activities.

Key features

Lead assignment

Pipeline management

Tasks & Calendar

Team chat



Smart Pricing Engine

Alleviate tedious data entry and lengthy spreadsheet lookups: get matrix pricing from multiple suppliers in seconds, or automatically submit requests for custom pricing to suppliers of your choice. Analyze rates and contract terms and find the best option for your customers with BrokerX intuitive interface. Refresh prices with just a few clicks.

Use relationships with your current suppliers or tap into our nationwide network to expand your presence and increase sales. Our network includes over 80 suppliers, including Freepoint Energy, Constellation Energy, Eligo Energy, Ambit Energy, and many others...

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All draft proposals are saved, so you can keep working multiple deals while collecting necessary information from customers.

Key features

Multi-supplier pricing

Automatic matrix processing

Email pricing requests

Supplier portals integration

Search by contract terms

Tax and commissions

Proposals and Contracts

Generate professional-looking proposals to impress your clients helping them navigate through vendors, contract terms, and make the best choice for their needs.

Select content to include into proposals, such as term sheet, suppliers' marketing info, summary about your company and services, or legal disclaimers.

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Store a library of suppliers' contracts by state, or automatically request contracts with special negotiated terms from suppliers.

Key features

Professional presentations

Savings calculator

Contracts library

Standard or custom contracts


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BrokerX reports help you analyze the performance of your company to help you make accurate decisions. You can view trends and forecasts for key metrics such as lead conversions, expected commissions, team performance, and more.

BrokerX reconciles commissions with supplier-provided statements, helping identify, find, and resolve discrepancies to eliminate lost revenue.