BrokerX's Solution to the 5 Biggest Challenges Energy Brokers Have With Pricing

Last week we shared with you the 5 biggest challenges that energy brokers commonly run into when getting quotes from energy suppliers. And we couldn't leave you hanging without addressing them. So, let's start your week off right with BrokerX's innovative solution for these challenges.

Introducing our Smart Pricing Engine. It generates matrix pricing from multiple suppliers within seconds or automatically submits requests for custom pricing to suppliers of your choice. You can view pricing results from all suppliers in one screen, compare contract terms, and select the best option for your clients. Mix and match pricing quotes from multiple suppliers into professional proposal presentations and help your customers make the right choice for their energy needs.

Do you have connections to every energy supplier and provide your customers with optimal rates? Or are you limited and stuck providing customers with sub-optimal options? We can help with this too. With our Supplier Network, you can tap into our nationwide network to expand your presence and increase sales. Our network includes over 100 suppliers, including Direct Energy, Freepoint Energy, Constellation Energy, Ambit Energy, and many more.

It's time to automate your pricing process. Click below to see the Smart Pricing Engine in action! Check out my calendar and schedule a time that works best for you. Or you can call me now and we can do it over the phone: 312-725-0028.


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