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You can become a broker today! No license needed. Access to 90+ suppliers. 


What is an Energy Broker?

An Energy Broker is an intermediary between energy suppliers and consumers. They do not own or distribute energy to the consumer and they cannot sell energy directly to the consumer. Energy Brokers negotiate the best energy rates with energy suppliers and then present it to the consumer.


What Type of Training do I Need?

To become an Energy Broker independently, you need to obtain a broker's license. License and registration requirements vary by each state. Generally you will fill out multiple forms and pay fees. 

To become an Energy Broker with BrokerX, there is no license needed. We are a brokerage and are licensed in all deregulated states. Therefore, your own license(s) is not needed and you can start selling immediately.

What Do I Need to Be Successful as an Energy Broker?

Becoming a successful broker takes a lot of work. You need to be a self-starter and entrepreneurial minded. Previous experience cold calling and selling is very helpful. 

How Much Money Do Energy Brokers Make?

Because this job is only commissions based and there is no cap to how many deals you can sell, your salary has unlimited earning potential. Additionally, if you are able to refer other Energy Brokers to BrokerX, then you will earn a portion of the referral's commissions as well, providing you with supplemental income. 

How Long Does it Take to Become and Energy Broker?

From the second that you sign up with BrokerX, you can begin selling energy. If you do not have experience selling energy, you will have your own dedicated Account Manager in Chicago, IL, that will help you along, step by step.

Why Can't I Just Do This on My Own?

Being an independent Energy Broker is always an option; however, BrokerX has eliminated all of the hurdles of becoming an independent broker, such as:

  • No expensive licensing fees in every state

  • Access to 90+ energy suppliers/better rates

  • Lead lists

  • Software to automate all energy broker tasks

  • Personal Account Manager for guidance 

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