May 05, 2020

BrokerX Welcomes Energy Harbor to its Supplier Network

We are excited to announce that we have added Energy Harbor to our Vastly Growing Supplier Network. This gives our broker partners the ability to have direct access through our channel one of the most competitive electricity providers in the country. By solidifying this partnership, our Broker Partners now have direct access to over 80+ Suppliers within BrokerX's Network while leveraging its cutting-edge technology platform.

Our technology has been disrupting the retail energy market since our launch 12 months ago. Finally brokers have the ability to get direct access to the industry’s fastest turnaround time for pricing request through our platforms pricing engine. They now have the ability from within a single RFP to do a request for matrix pricing, the “energy industry’s first integration of supplier portals” - supplier portal pricing, custom pricing via email and last but certainly not least supplier API pricing all within ONE PLATFORM!

To learn more about BrokerX’s Platform capabilities request a Demo or Submit for a Free 30 Day Trial.

About Energy Harbor:

Energy Harbor is a privately held, financially secure energy producer and retailer, headquartered in Akron,Ohio. We proudly serve nearly one million residential, commercial and industrial customers with a focus on best-in-class safety and operations with unmatched financial stability. We operate a fleet of nuclear and fossil fuel generators in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and employ a talented workforce of 2,600 dedicated employees. Formerly known as FirstEnergy Solutions, Energy Harbor is now an independent power producer, unaffiliated with its former parent.


Our industry-leading nuclear fleet is focused on safe and resilient production of substantial carbon-free electricity. The nuclear fleet produces more than 30 million Mwh’s annually, which positions us well for a future focused on our environmental and social goals, as well as those of our customers.


Our strong balance sheet and dependable base load portfolio allow us to provide our retail customers and local communities with safe and reliable power, which is critical for grid stability. Our vision and commitment to reliability enables long-term strategic investments by businesses in our communities.


We are committed to a sustainable future that protects the environment for future generations. We know the actions we take today will have an indelible impact on our collective futures. That’s why maintain and promote sustainable practices for our company, our employees and the products and services we provide.

About BrokerX:

We started building BrokerX back in 2018 with the vision to solve the major challenges that energy brokers and suppliers face. Inspired by launching several successful companies, we believe that we can leverage technology to address many inefficiencies that overshadow the energy industry. We’ve enlisted a team of advisors from the energy space who are providing us with unique perspective and guidance to crystalize and refine our vision into delivering real value for our customers.

BrokerX is revolutionizing the energy industry by creating the first digital intersection that is uniting agents, brokers and suppliers. Our fully-featured technology platform is designed from the ground up for energy brokers. It’s proven to shorten the retail energy sales cycle by increasing transaction efficiency, optimizes quoting and contracting processes, reconciles commissions and so much more.


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