November 06, 2019

BrokerX Releases Supplier Response Tool

BrokerX releases a new feature that accelerates the custom price request process for Energy Brokers; Introducing The Supplier Response Tool.

Today we are excited to announce the release of the Supplier Response Tool, which is the next step towards executing on our vision of streamlining transactional efficiency for energy brokers and suppliers.

When brokers send email pricing requests to suppliers from the BrokerX platform, the email will now include the “Provide Pricing” button. The button opens a secure web page with all customer information along with requested products and terms. The supplier’s channel manager then fills out the web form, which saves the rates directly into the corresponding proposal in BrokerX system.

Supplier Response Tool

The Supplier Response Tool also allows suppliers to specify additional terms, such as the “sweet-spot” pricing, mark products or terms that cannot be priced, or message broker with additional comments or requests. When brokers receive the submitted response with rates, they can easily generate professional proposal presentations and email them to their customers.

There’s no need to sift through long email threads from multiple suppliers and decipher different responses. All pricing responses from suppliers are presented on a friendly page that helps brokers provide their customer with the best pricing and contractual terms.

In addition to streamlining custom pricing requests, BrokerX also simplifies matrix pricing. Simply upload matrixes from suppliers you are working with into BrokerX, and you will be able to view matrix pricing from multiple suppliers instantly. There’s no need to open multiple Excel spreadsheets, scroll through thousands of rows, or use complicated forms. Most importantly, BrokerX does not require you to re-format any supplier matrixes prior to uploading – BrokerX does all the hard work.

Stay tuned

Our team has been hard at work these last couple of months and we are almost ready to deliver a couple more exciting features: The ability to process matrixes via email, the platform will automatically process emailed matrixes from multiple supplier for instant, up-to-date matrix pricing.

The commissions accounting system simplifies the way energy brokers manage their commissions by accurately reconcile when there’s a discrepancy with a commission statement. Plus say goodbye to having to reformat various supplier commission statements, BrokerX does not require you to re-format any supplier commission statement prior to uploading – BrokerX does all the hard work.

Don’t forget that in addition to allowing brokers to integrate suppliers you are already working with, BrokerX is offering integration with its extensive nationwide network of suppliers to help you expand your business footprint. Contact us today and we will show you the most cost-effective way to offer your energy brokerage services to more customers.

-BrokerX Team


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