December 09, 2019

BrokerX Releases Smart Pricing Engine

BrokerX releases a new feature that accelerates the matrix and custom price request process for Energy Brokers; Introducing The Smart Pricing Engine.

Today we are excited to announce the release of the Smart Pricing Engine, which is the next step towards executing on our vision of streamlining transactional efficiency for energy brokers and suppliers.

We’ve seen through the past year that energy broker’s struggle with being able to keep track of various supplier’s matrix and custom pricing requirements. This has led to countless contracts being rejected because either the load factor was too low or the supplier doesn’t except demand meter rate classes off the matrix. Which has led to energy brokers having low confidence in the suppliers matrix pricing method.

This is now not a factor anymore with the energy industry’s first Smart Pricing Engine. Energy brokers can now price with confidence that when they submit a matrix priced deal that it will be accepted.

Smart Pricing Engine

  • When brokers submit a new lead into their BrokerX instance they will now be able to request/pull historical usage and calculate load factor.

Load Factor Display

  • The Smart Pricing Engine complex algorithms lets you know if there are any factors that might hinder the deal from not being able to be accepted from any given supplier that offers matrix pricing. We’ve seen a 98% acceptance by suppliers through our platform. This has given energy brokers the ability to trust in matrix pricing.

load factor check

Pulling historical usage using The Smart Pricing Engine in the BrokerX Platform gives brokers the ability to easily pull customer historical usage and other information like capacity tags with just few clicks. This not only saves time but helps brokers who are using the Smart Pricing Engine in the BrokerX Platform with gaining more analytical insights and stronger talking points with their prospects and clients.

Contact us today to schedule your demo and learn how BrokerX is changing the way energy broker and energy suppliers operate.


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