BrokerX - All features


BrokerX is a cloud-based system hosted in industry-standard, high-performance, scalable, and secure data centers. Your data is stored in your own private instance and is never shared with anyone.


Manage leads and deals pipelines by stage
Assign leads and deals to sales teams and sales representatives
Convert qualified leads into deals
Capture incoming leads from emails
Capture leads from a form on the web
Tag leads and deals with custom tags
Manage multiple contacts for your customers and suppliers
Chat with team members via private or public chat channels
Manage and assign lead sources
Log notes and attach files to leads and deals
Schedule and customize follow up activities, meetings, calls, etc.
Assign and schedule activities for other team members
Receive notifications about tasks, activities, and updates
Store relevant documents with leads and deals
View lead pipelines by team or sales rep, with easy search and filtering
Scan customer bills for automatic data capture
Import leads from CSV files

Pricing Engine

Integrate with your current suppliers
Access additional suppliers through BrokerX license | Supplier network
Send custom pricing requests to multiple suppliers via email or API
Receive pricing quotes from suppliers via email or API
Request pricing for standard or custom terms
Upload supplier pricing matrices
View matrix pricing from multiple suppliers
See all prices from multiple suppliers on the same screen by term or by supplier
Capture rates provided via email or in-person negotiation
Compare pricing, contractual terms, payment terms, and special offers
Allow suppliers to respond via an online form
Use pricing intelligence analysis to find the best deal for customers
Request sweet-spot pricing from suppliers
Provide suppliers with pricing feedback
Provide suppliers with last-look opportunities


Create professional, branded quotations
Customize your quotations
Create multiple quotes through the negotiation process
Email or print presentations with estimated savings for your customers
Include marketing text, supplier details, term sheet, and account details


Request supplier contract with specified terms
Generate contracts from suppliers' standard templates library
Generate contracts in PDF format for printing
E-mail contracts to customers
Request Letter of Authorization (LOA)
Request Letter of Exclusivity (LOE)
Execute contracts digitally


Calculate expected commissions for each deal
Run commission reports
Reconcile commissions with supplier-provided statements
Highlight inconsistencies, find errors, and request missed payments
Calculate commissions for agents


Sales team performance report
Lead and deal pipeline reports
Commissions reports
Export data for accounting systems

Agents management

Sign up and manage your agents
Receive leads from agents via email or online form
View deal pipeline by agent
Schedule follow up tasks and assign them to agents
Generate commission reports
Calculate expected commissions for agents
Run background and credit checks
Store agreements and other related documents
Store training materials and marketing collateral for agents