Cloud platform for energy brokers

Close more deals with a modern sales force automation platform that improves efficiency of back-office workflows and promotes collaboration and communication

BrokerX intuitive online platform is designed to allow energy brokers to focus on selling. It eliminates redundant tasks, while providing tools for easy collaboration and communication, while shortening the sales cycle.

Fully-featured CRM

A modern CRM for managing the entire sales pipeline, from leads to proposals to contracts.

Multi-supplier pricing

Instant pricing quotes from your network of suppliers, eliminating repetitive data entry and redundant tasks.

Proposals & Contracts

Branded proposals, savings estimates, terms sheets, and and contracts library to close deals faster.

Supplier network

Extensive nationwide network of suppliers to expand your presence and service more customers.

End-to-end solution

The only fully-featured platform on the market designed from the ground up for energy brokers to shorten the sales cycle, increase transaction efficiency, and optimize quoting and contracting processes.

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Energy brokers still operate like it’s the ’90s. This startup will bring them to the cloud. / Built-in-Chicago, 3-21-19 »

Why use BrokerX?

Our platform delivers value across the entire brokers' business process value chain: prospecting, pricing, contracting, and renewing.

  • Eliminate redundant data entry into multiple systems and forms; stop digging in piles of spreadsheets. Request pricing from multiple suppliers and get results in seconds!
  • Control your sales process by having full pipeline visibility. Receive leads from multiple channels, assign deals to your team members, add tags and scores, attach documents, and measure KPI's
  • Stay on top of your customer communications by scheduling follow up activities with integrated reminders and fully-featured calendar.
  • Keep your existing supplier relationships, or tap into BrokerX nationwide network of suppliers to grow your business.
  • Score best deals for your customers by using BrokerX pricing intelligence. Identify best contract terms and rates with easy side-by-side comparison view.
  • Capture more revenue with identifying renewals, managing and training your agents, reconciling commissions, and selling smartly by unlocking the power of the BrokerX platform.

Powerful functionality

Everything you need to run your energy brokerage business: qualify leads, price deals, store relevant documents, present proposals, deliver contracts, communicate with customers, collaborate with your team, and optimize your workflow.

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Contact us to schedule a demo, and we will give you a detailed walkthrough to show how BrokerX platform can transform your brokerage business.