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Work smarter.

Sell more.

A software solution for energy brokers that eliminates manual tasks through automation, providing more time to sell and grow their businesses.

Energy Broker Tools Built for Selling

You didn't become an energy broker to be consumed with hours of administrative work; you became a broker to sell and make money. That's why we custom-built an easy-to-use energy broker platform that automates all of your manual tasks. Empowered with our automation, you'll have more time to sell and close deals faster.

Do More With Less

Manage everything in one spot with the most robust business solution, built to scale. With our Commissions, Reporting, Multi-Supplier Pricing, Quick Price, Proposals, Contracts, CRM, and email, you will never have to switch between multiple programs or perform manual tasks again. 


Close Faster

Our proprietary technology enables you to generate matrix pricing within seconds from our list of 90+ supplier network. With timely quotes, you will close 95% of your deals and close them faster. 


What's Ours is Yours

From the minute you sign up, you will have access to over 90+ energy suppliers within our supplier network. We believe in empowering all brokers to have equal access to every energy supplier; and likewise, we provide energy suppliers, big and small with an equal opportunity to provide pricing to our network of brokers.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

No License, No Problem

Whether you have a broker's license or not, as soon as you sign up, you can begin selling. Also, you can expand your customer base with exclusive access to our licenses in 17 deregulated states. 

Commercial + Residential

Whether you are a broker that sells to commercial or residential accounts, our software is the only one of its kind to support both. 

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Energy Brokers still operate like it's the '90's. This start-up will bring them to the cloud.




Trust + Transparency

BrokerX's mission is to transform the energy industry by aligning utilities, suppliers, brokers, agents, and customers through alignment, value, expertise, and innovation. Our foundation is based upon trust and transparency and our mission is to transform and make a positive impact within the energy industry. Our goal is to be an impartial and authentic resource, network, and unify every player in the energy space.


We thoroughly vet every energy broker and energy supplier prior to joining our platform to ensure that you are always working with credible partners.

Fair Pricing

What you see is what you get when you review our pricing page. We do not add additional fees; we provide the lowest splits in the industry. There is no contract so you cancel at any time and you own your book of business.


When you join our platform and integrate your book of business, your customers are completely confidential and safe. Your data will never be shared with another party. Also, if you decide to leave our platform, you still own your book of business.

Equal Opportunity

We created our network of suppliers to provide every broker, large or small, with the opportunity to access pricing from 90+ suppliers. Likewise, we provide every supplier, large or small, with an equal opportunity to bid for every broker. 

Electronic Signature

We provide every energy broker with our electronic signature technology to ensure that you have official documentation of approval.

Third Party Verification

We provide TPV (Third Party Verification) and electronic LOAs (Letter of Approval) to provide critical oversight and prevention of fraud.  

Sell More

No contracts. No gimmicks. No hidden fees. 

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